Safety and Security

Safety and security is a top focus of LBCA. We are fortunate that Long Beach has fewer instances of crime and disturbances than many communities in other parts of the County. This is, in part, due to the diligence and resources that LBCA has dedicated to keeping our community safe and secure. The Board has also developed a strong relationship with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department, which has also helped keep crime down.

Still our community faces incidents such as large parties at the north beach, underage drinking, and more serious, illicit behavior, such as theft and drug use.

For the past few summers, LBCA Board has hired gate guards to prevent non-residents from accessing the north beache.  This has worked very well in deterring individuals who don’t have a right to access the beach. The Board also contracts with the Sheriffs Office to patrol on weekends during the summer.

The LCBA Board raises additional funds to provide greater resources to better safeguard our community. We have identified a line on the Road Fees form under the Other Donations section called “Security/Safety” and are asking homeowners to contribute $50.00 – $100.00 (or more) to this cause.