Storm Water Management

IMG_2454Because Long Beach is located on the Calvert Cliffs shoreline, residents face the problem of erosion, either from the bay, itself or from rainwater runoff.  However, residents can take steps to slow the runoff and allow it to percolate instead.  Simple projects to reduce runoff include:

Redirecting downspouts:  The direction of downspouts can be adjusted to allow storm water to filter slowly down through the ground instead of sending it rushing downhill.

Rain gardens: Specific plants and planting techniques encourage water to filter slowly through plant roots and the ground, significantly helping runoff issues. Bonus – they look great!

Rain barrels:  Placed at the end of gutter downspouts, they collect rainwater that can be used for watering lawns and gardens via soaker hoses or spigots.  Calvert County offers them at a discount, but requires a short workshop that we will arrange if there is interest.

Grass and leaves:  Please don’t blow these into the street because they can clog drainage and cause water issues.

For specific problem areas, many of which the LCBA board has already identified, berms, curbs and surge rock are proven options.  These methods require some expertise and the LBCA will offer help to any property owner who might need it.

Any improvement that helps one of us, helps all of us.

Homeowner Guide to a Bay-Friendly Property